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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy TamilNadu

Crafters of Tamil Nadu Come Together

Meta-Spiritual Shops

This Team is for like minded Meta-Spiritual providers of products and services.

$@The Promo Mall

Team about helping each other in Promotion on Etsy and Social Media promotion

Eco Fashion Southeast

Group of fashion lovers who has eco friendly mind

Crafters Lounge

The is a website that will work as an HUGE Show Room for all the artisans in the world.

Vintage Videogames

Looking for like minded people who love classic gaming.

Oregon Makers Team

To promote Oregon's micro-economy of makers and artisans with community

US Etsy Sellers Team

The US Etsy Sellers Team is a group of like minded individuals focused on the promoting small home built businesses.

Rebels and Misfits

A place for geeky creatives who have felt a little out of place except for here on Etsy and with other like-minded awesome people.

Vancouver Vintage Clothing Swap

Vancouver will be hosting Etsy's "Made in Canada" Vintage Clothing Swap.