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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Multiple shop owners unite. Do you have more than one shop now or are thinking of opening more than one shop?

All For One Promotion Team

A4 is for ACTIVE Shop Owners! Promotion on our threads is reciprocal & FUN!

Team Discovery

A team on a quest to discover the hidden gems of Etsy!

Tutus Wreaths HairTies and more

For makers of tutus, door wreaths, hair ties, and more!

New Shop Owners

A place for new shop owners to encourage one another

BVpush Promotion

it is a super promotion engine that increases dramatically and remarkably your favorite on items&shop. It is more a unity than a team.

Jacks and Jills of All Trades-Dabbling and Tutorials

For those of us who like to work in more than one medium-a great place to share new techniques, ask questions, and just have fun.

Project Twitter Promoting

Promote your shop on Twitter and gain followers

Variety Shops on Etsy

Etsy shops that sell a variety of craft items working in different mediums and/or crafts

Pure Unique Style Team

A treasury / promotion / support team. Juried to accept only truly unique, high-quality sellers. Team tag: PureUnique