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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Multiple shop owners unite. Do you have more than one shop now or are thinking of opening more than one shop?

Tutus Wreaths HairTies and more

For makers of tutus, door wreaths, hair ties, and more!

All For One Promotion Team

A4 is for ACTIVE Shop Owners! Promotion on our threads is reciprocal & FUN!

Holiday Accessories for Little Ones

The holidays are the best time to dress your little ones up to the nines with all sorts of Holiday creations!

M.G.Gacho Shop

M.G.Gacho presents a luxury shopping experience in the world of Haute Couture hand-made shoes and bags, a journey through its values and win

New Shop Owners

A place for new shop owners to encourage one another

Variety Shops on Etsy

Etsy shops that sell a variety of craft items working in different mediums and/or crafts

Favorites for Shops on Etsy

There are lots of teams that help each other get favorites for their listings. I am creating this one to help get favorites for shops.

Fundraiser for Ronald Poppo featuring etsy shops

Advertise your shop by participating in a good cause!

Promote to Sale Your Items

One great way of promoting to gain more SALES in your items is to get them listed is this team.