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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Natural Bath & Beauty

For creators of natural bath and beauty products that are scented without artificial fragrances.

Natural Jewelry Makers

A place where everyone who loves making jewelry out of all natural materials, can chat,and help promote other shops and just have fun.

Natural & Holistic Skin Care

We are a team of individuals devoted to using natures bounty to create skin therapies that promote wellness throughout our systems.

All Natural Photography

This is a team that will only accept photographers that don't use any type of photo editor.

Celebrating Nature and Animals

A place to help each other create the best Etsy shop we can, and a place to enjoy the blessings of the Earth and the love of animals.

Natures Cosmos of Cosmetics

I am hypersensitive to everything in mans market, I've decided to develop natural solutions to my cosmetic needs.

Natural Candles & Tarts

For shops who create candles, tarts/melts made from non-petroleum sources: palm, soy, beeswax, etc. and who use essential oils to scent them

Wisdom Tree Naturals

Existing to empower, promote, and support small rising businesses.

Wholesale Trade Of Natural Gemstones

Wholesale Trader would deliver your Etsy shops