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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Nerd Team!

for the nerds of etsy

Nerd Alert

Networking, Promotion, SHOPPING, and Selling for the Nerds

team NERD

team nerd is for anyone who considers themselves a nerd, loves geekery, or has a shop with nerdery or geekery. All are welcome!

Crafty Nerds Meeting Crafty Nerds

Love comics? Books? Comic books? Are you a disney buff? A history buff? A Buffy buff? Let's be friends and nerds (and nerd friends!)

Digital Nerds

A team full of digital designers who service the crafters that download our products.


The Nerd society is is a place where you can make new awesome friends, and find some really cool etsy things.

The Nerd Herd

If your interests include geeky pastimes, a love for horror, or you enjoy a little bit of it all (like myself), you will find refuge here!

Lady Nerds

A place for us to come together.

Imma CraftNerd :)

I craft for fun! Calle me a CraftNerd!