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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

New England Artists

There are so many artists from the New England Area, and this is the perfect place to share information and promote!

New England Artisans Gathering

New England Artisan Gathering (NEAG) is a team of Etsy artists and artisans who reside in one of the six New England states.

New England Etsy Team

New England Etsy Shop Owners

The Craftsmans Guild New England

Artist, Artisans, and Craftsmen from the New England region

Wicked Etsy Artisans

Wicked Etsy Artisans is a group of Etsy Shop Owners specific to the regional area of New England in United States.

Gypsy Guild

This team is for crafters, mainly in the New England area, who specialize in New Age, Renaissance, Fantasy themed products to share ideas.

New England Sellers

This is a team for all of you New Englanders here on Etsy! Join this team to connect and promote with other sellers in New England!

New England Wiccan Workers

A team for practitioners of magic in the New England area.

New England Indies

This team is for anyone located in New England that is an Indie crafter.

New England Feminist Collective

New England Based Feminist Etsy sellers celebrate and support one another