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Post 3 of new items of your shop and like 10 items above!!!)))

New items 2015

Welcome to this team! You can promote up to 3 items per post! Feel free to post more than once :)

New England Handcrafted Items

This site is dedicated to all you New Englanders who handcraft items for the soul!

Anything New

This team is to help advertize new items people are making. I wanted to put together a team to help anyone get there items out there!!

New Sellers!!

This is a team for brand new sellers. Like items for likes an favorite shops for favorites. The goal is to get word around about our shops.

New Rave

Youth Inspired Jewelry and Accessories

Fresh Items Team

Please share your latest, fresh, brand new creations, which have not been sold before (hence not relisted) here with us.

I Need A New...

You fill in the blank, whatever you are looking for, post on our threads! We'll hook you up with someone who can get you one!