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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

New Esty Shop?

This team is for those in need of help or exposure with you new Etsy?

New hand-making shops!!!

This team is all about promotion of new shops that sell hand-made items!

New shops on Etsy

Welcome to Yoyo's Pure Elegance this team talks about subject to improve your brand new shop or existing shop...

New England Etsy Team

New England Etsy Shop Owners

New & Hungry Shops On Etsy

This is a team for all new shops on Etsy who are yet to have their first few sales.

New Brunswick Street Team

New Brunswick Etsy sellers who work together to support, inform & promote their online etsy shops.


A team for all 2,639,476 Etsy shop keepers and buyers to share in the wealth of this awesome marketplace!

New Sellers!!

This is a team for brand new sellers. Like items for likes an favorite shops for favorites. The goal is to get word around about our shops.