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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

New England Artists

There are so many artists from the New England Area, and this is the perfect place to share information and promote!

Western New York Handmade

A great reference, network, and community for people who are handmaking goods in Western, New York.

The Craftsmans Guild New England

Artist, Artisans, and Craftsmen from the New England region

Bead Society of New Mexico

Proud members of Bead Society of New Mexico

Handmade in New York

For people who are part of the Handmade in New York program

Geeks of New York

NYC fangirls and boys using the fandoms they love to create goods that everyone can cherish.

Etsy New Brunswick

An Etsy team for sellers based in New Brunswick, Canada.

New Jersey Moms

A place for NJ moms and stepmoms to promote, chat and hang out

New York Ceramics Makers

A team of ceramic sculptors and makers