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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Canadians Shipping from the U.S.

Are you a Canadian seller who crosses the border to ship your sales, or want to be? This team is all about helping each other!

Etsy Newbie Sellers

For all the sellers who are just starting out on Etsy! This is a place where we can learn some tips, get to know & promote each other :)

paracord kings

Paracord kings is a team for anyone who loves paracord, and is for the newbies, and the oldies! If you have questions about paracord

Crafty Mail

A monthly subscription box of all things handmade!

Promote Other Shops

This is a way to promote other peoples shops, in return, they'll promote yours

Etsy-Promote Etsy Page & Sales

This group is a place for shop owners to grow their businesses along with our social media skills.



The Newbie Promotional Team

Because you should be allowed to promote the stuff you're proud of.

Etsy new starts

This post is aimed at new starts based in the UK on Etsy. Please feel free to list your most beautiful items on here. I will start it off

Creations Worldwide

CALLING ALL CREATORS WORLDWIDE!!!! This team is for all newbie and advanced sellers of anything on Etsy.