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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Team Chatter

Coffee Cup Networking

Reach For the Stars!

A place for people who love to keep up with celebrity news.

Hampton Roads Etsy Team

Etsy shops in and around the 7 cities known as Hampton Roads.

Toxic Free Urban Babies

A spot for urban parents to share and discuss topics related to parenting and their lives as urban parents.

LTD & Associates

Information Newsletter - LTD & Associates

Occupy Etsy

For the seller that wants to get noticed!!


This group is for crafters of the Hampton Roads area.


This team contains order information and shop news for Chibi Chi Designs

Crochet Lovers of Hampton Roads VA

This is a group of crochet crafters that reside in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia!


Needlefelters connecting and networking with each other and spreading the news about this new technique.