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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


For Anyone who Feels they Should Not Have to be on Team to have a Discussion.


A happy gathering place for artists, collectors, makers and creatives who are well established on Etsy.

Heart Dedication - Promotion Team

A team that supports other Etsians through faving, promoting and sharing.

Heinz 57

For any and all Etsians (buyers or sellers) who have a Heinz 57 dog. Whether you got it from the pound, your neighbour, welcome!

We Want You

Teams looking for new members, people looking for teams

Preschool Love

This team is for anyone who has worked with young children and can appreciate the lessons we can learn from their amazing life perspective!

Central New Jersey Etsyians

This team is meant for Etsyians living and working in Central NJ.

Get A Critique

Just one post - add your shop and a bit about you and I will try and critique as many people as possible!

Haifans - Haifa, Israel Buyers and Sellers

A team for Etsy buyers and sellers from Haifa, Israel.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Hearts4Hearts team.