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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pagan Folk Fire*Circle

Group for gathering, promoting and general support. Open to all who follow earth based spiritual paths, or are pagan friendly.

Magick Without Tears

We are a community of artists and those who practice the Great Work.

Rune Readers and Enthusiasts of Etsy

This Team is dedicated to those who do rune readings here on Etsy, sell rune sets, or are looking for rune readings.

Keepers of Mythology

A special group of Etsy buyers and sellers who love ancient mythology such as Greek, Celtic, Norse, Native American, and Egyptian.

Southwood Norsemytho Group

Despite living in 9 distinct realms, characters in Norse legends are often connected with each other through natural kinship or via their ad


A Team for those interested in the Norse/Viking Mythology and who create work based around this (Rune,Folklore,Fantasy etc.)

Pagan Business Network For Etsy

For all Pagan Owned and Pagan Friendly Businesses

RUNEMASTERS - Magical Alphabets of Norse/Celtic Mythology

Rune lovers, enthusiasts, readers, anyone who can appreciate the power and beauty of Runes.