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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


a strange or peculiar person, things, or traits.

Oddities by Us

Team of local artists I have personally seen the quality of their work.

Oddities and Beauties of Etsy

This Team is for promotion of handmade/vintage items of many different types. Orgonite, Resin Crafts, Crystals, Jewelry, Artwork, Home Decor

Weird, Creepy Oddity Art & The People That Love It

This team is for people that like Creepy, Weird and Oddity Art

The Sideshow

Is your stuff weird, freaky, bizarre or just plain crazy? Join up with like minded lunatics here.

Bizzarre Macabre

A group for anyone who creates the ODD & the STRANGE ~ Ran by The Curio Emporium

Macabre Obsessions

A Gathering of Souls Who are Infatuated with the Strange and Unusual, the Dark and Twisted, and mostly overall the Odd & Macabre

Taxidermy Lovers

Team for Lovers of Taxidermy, Bones, Furs, Dead Stuff and natural history!


Must adore the darker and macabre side of life.

Haunting Treasuries

For curators, sellers, and buyers who adore all things dark and haunting.