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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Open Organic Team

Open team for anyone with an interest in organics.

Open minded team

Actually being open minded, means your open to the World I guess!!

The Open Welsh Chat Team

An open team for buyers and sellers with an interest in Wales

Open Art Studio

A place for small artists to promote each other so we can all gain more exposure on etsy!


BNS + BNR Lovers! ♥♥♥ Referral Junkies also welcome !

Protecting an Open Internet

Join us fighting for a free and open Internet

open minded artwork

A place where all are welcome and open minds shall wander around.

Hearts and Promotion/ Open Trade Team

This is a team dedicated to the art of cross promoting other Etsians through Hearting, Treasuries and general faving.

Open to all Who are willing

We are all friends here. We help those that are in need with any questions and support.