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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

ACEO promotions

A team to promote ACEO's . this team is primarily for artists who paint miniatures.

Illustrator Kings

the best art work you can ever find. mixed medias from pencils all the way to paint.

Decoupage Delinquents

Amazing Artist, fluid with her paints with inspiration from everything and every word, every one. Jewelry artist.. fluid and mechanical.

Affordable Original Small Works Of Art…OSWOA

This is a team for people who paint OSWOA and offer them for Affordable prices. Original Art only. No prints please.


A team for everyone who sews, molds, glues, paints, just crafts in general--and for those who enjoy browsing such craftiness!

Irish images

For all Irish etsy users supplying images they created themselves


Our aim is to support Turkish speaking sellers all around the world, help the new comers to learn and understand how Etsy works.

Etsy Painters

A team for Painters on etsy.

Abstract Modern Community

Any and All abstract, modern and contemporary artist's unite!

Doodlers Doing Doodles

We do doodles. Do you do doodles too? If you do doodles like we do, come and join us in our doodling!