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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Painted Furniture

Hand painted furniture and home decor

Painted Stones

In this team, we strive to promote the art and selling of hand painted stones, as well as interacting with one another!

Painters Going To Paint

A place to promote paintings in order to get more exposure for your artwork and store.

Hand Painted Jewelry & Beads

All about the unique appeal & personal expression of hand painted jewelry and beads. It's an emerging trend. Wear real painting!

Custom Painted Shoes

A team for etsy members who paint shoes.

Sky Spray Paint

A group of artists who use the unique spray painting techniques.

Unique Hand Painted Glasses

You aren't limited to what you see here! Custom and personalized hand painted wine glasses are our specialty!

Spray Paint Art

For all you Etsiers who have spray painted art to sell on here. Join this group and share your different ideas, and help influence people.

Hand Painted Furniture

Calling all Etsy hand painters!

Bluenose Paint Brush

Team of artists working in Nova Scotia dedicated to creating fun and colourful artworks. Wonderful things happen when colour meets whimsy.