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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A team for everyone who sews, molds, glues, paints, just crafts in general--and for those who enjoy browsing such craftiness!

Christmas Etsy Group

Post anything about Christmas even if your shop is just having a sale!

Lyme Artisans

Artisans recovering from Lyme - Working together to give good things to the world, to heal ourselves and bring awareness to others!

Cyprus Artisans

This is a team for artists, craftspeople and makers in Cyprus - from both South and North of the Island


There are cute little girls are all over Etsy and this will be there home. Share all of your cute girls here!

Michigan ETSY

Any artists living in Michigan


This is a place to share and PROMOTE you Original and one of a kind items. Anything that is an original piece of work. Not a print or copy.

VAST - Visual Arts Street Team

We are an eclectic group of artists motivated to create successful artistic shops.

Whimsical Animal Illustrations

Cute animal, character, and environmental illustrations and art