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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Green Parents

Members of The Green Parents Forum with Etsy Shops

Parents of Etsy

We are crafty parents who sell on etsy!

Creative Single Parents

A team for single moms & dads to help support, encourage and promote each other.

Attachment Parents of Etsy

We breastfeed, we cloth diaper, we EC, we babywear, we milkshare, we co-sleep, we keep baby intact and much more :)

Work at Home Parents

A place for work at home parents to gather, share frustrations, and have real conversations about the balance of business and family.

Foster Parents of Etsy

A fun little group dedicated to Etsy crafters (and buyers) who foster kids.

parenting page needs sponsors for giveaways

Facebook parenting page seeking to do giveaways..

Natural Parenting Group of Carroll County

A team for NPCC members that buy or sell through etsy.

Parents of children with special needs

For any etsian with special needs child.