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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This is a team that will promote each other through advertisement on their home screen of their shop> Interested? Let me know!

Youtube Collab

Youtube Collab unites Etsy Youtube channels with other channels that focus on Collaboration, Influencing & Marketing Etsy Products.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Check out this team for hundreds of unique items designed by RISD alumni + students!

Theme Team

A team dedicated to promoting fellow members through themed treasuries, cross promotion, themed contests and more!

Quebec Wholesale Team

Exclusive Artisan from Québec who are Official BuyDeal Partners

Circles For Everyone

Join Here to Find Fun New Circle Partners


For all SCAD alumni or current SCAD students with shops on etsy.com, SCAD + ETSY = LOVE is THE team to BEE on!

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd

GMG TECH is a group of several partners with various specialties united in a “permanent consortium”.

Sweet Grace Models

We have created this team to help promote our AWESOME SGM boutique partners! :) We hope you enjoy it!

Etsy Creatives

Looking for etsy partners to come on team for photoshoots in exchange for photos from the shoot.