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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Thimbles and Patterns

This is a place for sewers! All kinds of sewers, hand sewing and machine sewing too! All crafters are welcome too!

Pattern Project

Digital downloads promotion team.

Crochet Pattern Testers

To help pattern designers find testers, and experienced crocheters to find patterns!

Legacy Sewing Pattern Guild

Vendors of original sewing patterns.

Sewing Patterns for Sale

Join this team if you sell sewing patterns:) check out this team if you are looking for sewing patterns

Pattern Patter Leaders

Leaders of the Pattern Patter Team

Pattern Patter Team

A Team Dedicated to Professional Sellers of Vintage and Newer Sewing Patterns

Crazy about Patterns

Team for those etsy members crazy about patterns and motiv repetition

PDF Sewing patterns

Join us and talk about how you create yor patterns, how to help sales and even trade patterns with one another.