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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Fabric, Thread, Yarn...Oh My!

For those who simply love thread, fabric, & yarn and think about how to sew, crochet, knit, embroider, or stitch anything and everything!

Knitting is my life

For those who's favorite thing to do is knit

All you knit is love

A place for all the knitters out there to share our passion!

Atlanta Crochet

Atlanta Crochet welcomes all "crocheters" in Atlanta and all surrounding areas.

Join new shops

Here you can post everything to do with vintage knitting. We are especially interested in those items which are handmade tems very unique.

Special Needs: Support pillows, toys, and clothing for folks with unique physiques

Though earning an income from sewing clothing for people with atypical proportions is a plus, there is a higher purpose at work here.

Addicted to Pandias Jewels Yarn & Fiber

This team is for anyone who is addicted to Pandia's Jewels yarn & fibers & patterns..who just can't get ENOUGH!

Team Cre8eted

Come together and share your crafty ideas.

Freeform art and crafts

A group for people without contraints

Love To Quilt

Let's have some quilting fun!