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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pet Lovers Unite

For those who love their pets

California Pet Lovers

Where Californians Come Together to Share Their Love for all Things Pets!

Australia Pet Lovers

Pet Lovers Australia wide, all things we love about our mates

UK Pet Lovers

Are you in the UK? Do you love animals/pets? If so this is the team for you!

Everything Pets

Team for handmade pet accessories and portraits

Pets Jubilee

We promote the independent artists who create items for pets and pet lovers.

Personalized Pets

We are a duo of animal lovers and want to offer you the chance to have your beloved pets drawn or sculpted out of papier mâché!

Pet Supplies Dog Supplies Pet Fashion Dog Show Dog Lovers

This team is for all pet stuff makers and pet owners.

Handmade Monthly & Handmade for Pet Lovers

Promoting your shop and supporting the PAWS Animal Rescue Network

Dog Lovers

We love dogs, and dogs love us.