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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pet Charities

donations to the ASPCA for certain marked items for sale on Etsy

WagCommunity - Serving the Pet Society

WagCommunity is a pet team dedicated to promoting and featuring handmade pet products and pet accessories.

Dog Lover Shop Group

This is to gather the power of all dog-lovers in etsy sharing our passion of our pet dog(s) as well as supporting each other in etsy!

Furbabies Promotion

This is a team for those selling or buying pet items!

For the lovers of Golden Retrevier and Yorkies

For the lovers of Goldens retrivever and yorkies, two magnificent races

Cats Rule the World!

For anything to do with cats and cat lovers!

Animal Treasury Team

This team is devoted to creating, sharing and promoting treasuries for all animal inspired items.

Dachshund Team

This team is all about sharing the love and fun of wiener dogs with others.