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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pin Collectors

Lovers of Pins, Brooches & Buttons

Pinners Team

Pinners Team is a promotional team for Etsy shops who have more than 800 Pinterest followers.

Pinned Threads

Prototype team for the pinned threads feature

Pin Babes

For makers and lovers of lapel enamel pins and brooches!

Pinterest Promotion: PIN-FOR-A-PIN

Share a link to an item of yours your would like pinned. After sharing your link, please pin someone else's link. Simple.

Festival Pin Collectors

Have a collection of festival pins? Cool ones? Ride this pony.

PoSt & PiN to PiNtErEsT

Post Your VINTAGE item & PIN one to PINTEREST

Festival Hat Pin

Post your favorite hat pin here

Front Page Pinners

Pinterest Front Page Pinners

The Pin Up Dolls

For Rockabilly, pin up, burlesque... lovers