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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Plushies For Everyone!

A place for all who love Plushies and people who sell unique plushies.

Promote your shop and listings- plush toys or plushies

sharing ways to promote etsy listing and etsy shop

kawaii trade!

hi! this is a team fir anyone with or looking for kawaii themed items!

Teddy Talkers

Teddy Bear Artists, Designers, Collectors

Plush Toys and Ragdolls

A team for people who create or are looking for plushies and ragdolls.

Portland Amigurumi

A group for plushie and amigurumi makers in Portland, Oregon


plushies made from all around the world

Etsy Plush Team

A group of artists committed to the promotion and creative development of dolls, stuffed toys and all the soft areas in between.


necklaces, clothespins, bags, custom painted shoes, illustrations, paintings

Crochet Love

Everyone who loves crocheting is welcome here! This place is filled with love and support. Join us!