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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pokemon Masters

A place for all PokeMasters of Etsy to unite and share!

Pokemon Jewelry

A gathering of Pokemon Jewelry artists!

Pokemon Go

For all the Etsy Pokemon game players!

Pokemon Trainers

Join if you love Pocket Monsters!

Amigurumi Pokemon League

A team for Pokemon amigurumi makers and lovers!

A wild Pokemon Lover appears!!

Love to create pokemon, and explore what you can catch in your own hands?

Cat+pokemon+studio ghibli+awesome cute things

A team for people that are awesome and love cats, pokemon , studio ghibli and awesome cute things.

Gamers & stuff

All things video game related.

Geek Squad

A place for people from all fandoms to shop & sell


Team Kawaii aims to be a creative network for like-minded Kawaiians to get together, exchange tips, ideas, or goods, and help each