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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Polymer Clay

Open to makers of canes, beads, jewelry, miniatures, sculptures or anything else in polymer clay. Tips, support, contests, answers & more.

Polymer Clay Enthusiasts

This team is for anyone who makes, sells, & enjoys the art of polymer clay. Whether you make bottles, beads, characters, or ornaments!


Open to bead makers and collectors of all kinds. If you love beads, get in here!

Bead Art Originals

The Bead Art Originals team promotes the art of its invited members. BAO includes both creators of art beads and creators of beadwoven art.

Beading in Virginia

Beading and loving it in VA

Nail Art

For all those who work with nails

Handmade from scratch

Group for people who make things entirely by hand, from scratch


Calling all jewelry, bead & component designers!

Etsy Earth

A Team of sellers and buyers committed to natural, organic, and chemical-free materials and ingredients and methods.