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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Porcelain Tea Set and Chinese Tea

For Chinese tea lovers and porcelain tea set lovers

Cold Porcelain Clay-Beginners and Experts

A place for all the cold porcelain clay lovers to share their works, as well to discuss future projects and give tips and ideas.

keramik butik

For lovers and sellers of vintage Danish/Scandinavian pottery.


Vintage ideas and shopping smart!

PSP Group

Photography Scuplture Paintings

Mill Creek

The pottery of Simon Levin and his current and past apprentices

Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls

I would like to create a new team about all kind of porcelain dolls, the complements...

Ceramic Decoration

Handcrafted ceramic artwork

The Ceramics Team

A team for anyone making ceramic works being hand built, slip cast, or wheel thrown with low to high fire clays! Promote, discuss, and tips!

Ceramic Bead Artists

Ceramic Bead Artists - artists working in ceramic, stoneware, and porcelain clay to create artisan beads