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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Practical Magic Etsy

Welcome to the Practical Magic Etsy Team! Come on in everyone, don't be shy! PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT )0(

Practical Magic Gemstone & Crystal Haven

This is a group for anyone who loves crystals and gemstones and wants to share rare stones, healing crystal tips, etc.

Art in Life Gallery

In a world of flashy distractions I hope artists will ban together and present their art and creativity in matters of the every day.

Handmade woollen products

Handmade woollen products are a perfect present for your friends and relatives

Etsy Erasers

For people interested in eraser products - cute and practical!

Combat Knot Makers

Place to come how to see basic to advanced knots for practical combat applications

Tokyo Mothers Group

TMG (formerly known as the Tokyo New Mothers Group) is a support and contact group for mothers in Tokyo.

The Babel Team

This team is for the paid translators participating in the long-term translation effort at Etsy.

Artists of Aotearoa

Artists based in New Zealand who specialise in 'fine arts.'

Rise Together - Support and Encouragement Team

An active team to support and motivate one another.