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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Onyx, Marble, Agate, Precious Stone Items & Jewelry

This team is dedicated for people who know what onyx & marble is and how to work with them to make jewelry and for people who want to learn.

Precious Jewelry Supplies

Any body wanting to buy or sell supplies like stones, beads, wires etc via Etsy. No post on finished goods allowed

Custom gemstones

Post your requiremend for gemstones that you need for your jewelry. All suppliers/ manufacturers of rough stones join in to fill in the gap.

Indonesian Gemstones

Post anything related to indonesian gemstones


Happy metalsmiths and stone cutters!

Deal hunters

Deal sharing, Awesome finds for Jewelery designers and crafters.

Crafting with Gemstones

This team is dedicated to sharing advice related to working with gemstones. This will be a place for posing questions and sharing successes.


Natural stone lovers a precious stone is available for you named TORQUOISE OR FEROZA