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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

2012 Jewelry-Making Challenges -WIN Prizes!

Once a month, a new contest/challenge will be issued to the vast jewelry-making community.

Do you have a prize giveaway page Enter your link

Anyone can enter a link of a free prize giveaway. You have to enter your link and describe the giveaway.

Online Pharmacy

Click Here For online pharmacy And Even Get Free Prizes!

Guess What ? Treasury Team

Treasuries created for fun contests, like guess what these items have in common & win a prize

Irihana BNR Team

For anyone who wants to know when Irihana's BNRs are happening!

Jewelry Shops - Creators, Suppliers, and Shoppers

A place to come to share our designs and promote each other. Let us Get our items known.

Giveaway Club

A place for people to host or enter free giveaways

CCC Group

Color Combo Challenge Group

PLARNSTAR's Fun and Friendly BNS

This easy-going BNS focuses on friendship and fun.


A place to gather with Etsy friends who use Chatwagon!