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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

2012 Jewelry-Making Challenges -WIN Prizes!

Once a month, a new contest/challenge will be issued to the vast jewelry-making community.

Do you have a prize giveaway page Enter your link

Anyone can enter a link of a free prize giveaway. You have to enter your link and describe the giveaway.

Jewelry Shops - Creators, Suppliers, and Shoppers

A place to come to share our designs and promote each other. Let us Get our items known.

Giveaway Club

A place for people to host or enter free giveaways

Irihana BNR Team

For anyone who wants to know when Irihana's BNRs are happening!


A place to gather with Etsy friends who use Chatwagon!

Jewelry Lovers!

Join this team if you love or make jewelry! We can give each other inspiration and help. Anyone on this team is allowed to create a thread.

CCC Group

Color Combo Challenge Group

PLARNSTAR's Fun and Friendly BNS

This easy-going BNS focuses on friendship and fun.