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Product Reviews, Sponsors

We do product reviews, model and endorse. Beauty products, clothes & jewelry. Feel free to contact us if interested. We also do giveaways.

Product Review & Sponsors

Have you got a store that sells jewelry, beauty items or phone cases. Would you like more exposure? If yes for both, keep reading.

Review Team

Test other people's products or promote your own!

Sponsor giveaway/product review on Momlife blog

Mom blog seeking sponsors for product review/giveaways

Reviews and Shop Promotion

For people who want to review other people's shops and products and people looking for free promotion.

Esty Promotions and Reviews

Are you looking to get promoted to possible customer leads? Need more opinions on your store and products? We can help you!

Blogger Reviews & Giveaways

Gain sales, publicity, and the chance to get your name out there!

Bell, Book & Candle Reviews

This team is for those pagan/wiccan/goddess related business on Etsy that wish to promote their items off of Etsy.

Looking to do product reviews and host givaways

If you're interested in having any products reviewed and would like to do a giveaway please let me know.

Promote Business on Couponing & Reviewing in Texas

We are dedicated to sharing coupons, new (or new to me) products and giveaways with friends and followers.