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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A team of people who like to share their positive ideas, books, thoughts, quotes, & links with other Etsy people

Printables & Bloggers

This is a team for bloggers who create printables.


Learn, grow and sell with this team! Looking for place where your voice can be heard...then 'Hej' Team is right place for you!

Goals, Accountability & Accomplishments

Find your day is gone and little accomplished? Set and reach daily goals through team accountability.

2016 Success Team

This team is for those that want to take their shop to the next level and make 2016 their most successful year!

Raise the Bar

Group of Suppliers who want to increase their productivity, by getting accountable to each other through goal setting.


A Creative Collective seeking 2 mold a Handmade Community working together 2 enhance the creativity, productivity & education of its members

Creativity rocks!

This team is comprised of talented artists who combine creativity, ambition, productivity, and great customer service in their work.


A team for any members of Ravelry who have Fiber-Arts-Related Etsy Shops

Englishman Thomas Saint in 1790

For those that sew on home sewing machines!