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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Creative Photography

Promote your products through product placement in photo shoots

Legacy Sewing Pattern Guild

Vendors of original sewing patterns.

Wedding Team - Smitten Soirée®

Wedding Professionals - Free Bridal Directory. Our purpose is to support each other on the forum and through social media.

The Marketing and Promotion Team

This team's focus is promotion. We promotion all of our social media locations and new listings and we support ourselves

Emerging Etsy Shops

This is for treasury makers who are veterans at the art of sales.

New Photographers on Etsy!

A great place to get to know other photographers here on Etsy.


This is a team for table top miniature shop owners and fans of high quality models.

Etsy Vintage Gives Back

Vintage Sellers Donating to Charity

Outsource SEO Services

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TAG Flandreau

The Arts Guild of Flandreau