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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Vintage Team

To be a part of the Etsy Vintage Team is to love vintage, be dedicated to selling with integrity and provide excellent customer service.

Vintage Lingerie Sellers Sales Team

Joyful sellers of vintage lingerie dedicated to increasing sales through improved professionalism & creative marketing

RU Handmade

Rutgers Alumni on Etsy, unite!

Finding Fine Art

A curated collection of Fine Art on Etsy for discerning collectors.


Helping each other flourish!

Affordable ecommerce website

your website or ecommerce at best price

Shearin Group Training Services

Shearin Group Training Services Inc. is a company based in Avignon, France.

Indie Junction Etsy Team

A global team of artisans with the goal of cross promotion and supporting the handmade movement


RealSoap, the team dedicated to promoting real soapmakers.


RAW is an opportunity for artists to showcase their unique talents and original works