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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Vintage Sellers Association

For all professionally minded sellers of vintage on Etsy.

Photographs for Trade

New Professional Photographer looking to trade photography for props.

Etsy Sellers/Buyers Under 30

For any young professionals, artists, pickers, and buyers on Etsy that are under 30 years old.


Anyone who takes photos as a hobbie or professional

Boutique & Photographer Trade Team

Trading boutique items for professional product photographs.

Bows, Clippies & Headbands

A small group of talented professional ribbon tamers.

Picker Nation

Picker Nation; Proud, Professional Re-Sellers

Handmade jewelry from the heart

Handmade jewelry by crafty people not professional craftsmen

Custom Roshe Run

Professional Customizers and restorations. Roshe Run Customizations.


Brazilians students at Professional practice class at Auburn University