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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Plush Team

A group of artists committed to the promotion and creative development of dolls, stuffed toys and all the soft areas in between.

BBEST Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team

This team is for Etsy members over 40 years of age who want to make friends. We are from all parts of the world ane all walks of life.

The Lonely Jewelers

We are a collection of jewelry artisans who have come together to in a positive and productive way.

Ithaca Localistas

We are a group of local Ithaca area, Etsy artisans who are located within a 30 mile radius of gorges downtown Ithaca.

Crown Town Handmade

CTHm is Charlotte's group of artistic entrepreneurs who work & play together while inspiring a spirit of DIY in our community

Starving Artists Team on Etsy

Starving Artists is dedicated to giving jewelry designers a place to learn, grow, inspire and be inspired in a friendly, fun environment.

Team Discovery

A team on a quest to discover the hidden gems of Etsy!

Team Atlantic Canada

Profiles of Atlantic Canadians on Etsy!

Cross Canada Design Team

Supporting fellow Canadian Handmade Artisans