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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Non Profit & Benefit Items

For people with products that not only benefit themself but the greater good as well

Lance Burstyn Miami company fascinating Profitable Techniques

Lance Burstyn Miami company fascinating Profitable Techniques


Networking to make Etsy profitable

Shops That Donate

For all the shops that donate a portion of their profits.

Etsy Giving Prototype Team

This is a team for Etsy sellers interested in donating a portion of their sales to select non-profits.


Quilts made for a cause or profits benefit a cause

Change the World of One - Changing the world one life at a time

We are a nonprofit organization looking to partner with artisans to raise money for our causes and promote artisans around the world!

Donations on Etsy

Anyone on etsy who gives a portion of their profits to a good cause.

Japan Relief Team

A team dedicated to using part of their profits in order to aid the Japanese.


For people to display/promote their new listings