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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

New Age Magic Stores

A spiritual community for new age related shops to promote each other and for the shoppers whose magical needs and desires they fulfill!

Children Stores Unite Team (CSUT)

This is a team to get to know your fellow business men/ women who make children clothing, toys, ect.

New Stores for the year 2014

For store owners who have opened up their first store on Etsy in the year 2014 and want to promote and learn more!

BARGAIN, CHEAP (low price) etsy stores!

This is where you find LOW PRICE etsy stores!

Promote, Shop, Succeed!

Promote your latest favorite items, shop from each others stores and succeed in sales as you help other members make sales.

Market & Promote, Tips & Help

Promote and Market your store whilst sharing and receiving tips and helping each other out.

List, Love, Promote

We believe in sharing the love and helping each other along the way. Come share your items and help each other promote for success.

LBA Etsy Team

Help promote etsy stores for LBA members.