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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

DFW Handmade

DFW Handmade is dedicated to promoting local DFW artists and crafters.

Treasury Trove

For those who enjoy curating beautiful treasuries and who want to promote their own efforts as well as those of their peers!

Native American Forum: Walking The Red Road

One does not need to be Native American to participate. We warmly welcome all people who are inspired by and/or appreciate our culture.

☺ The Lizard Lair ☺

Stop on it to chat, get advice, promote, play games...in general, just relax and have fun!


Members read books and create items inspired by those books. Certain items are promoted online.

Front Page Treasury Team (fptteam)

This is for anyone who loves team spirit and want to participate in working together to get noticed

Etsy …Everything Wonderful in Life (EEWIL) – Official Etsy Team

We share the wonders of Etsy, from artisans to the unique antique and vintage finds , plus supplies for your own handmade creations!

More Meaningful Gifts (MMG)

MORE MEANINGFUL GIFTS (MMG) - custom, one of a kind creations, innovative designs, heirloom quality products fit to warm hearts: