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this forum is a place to share experience with etsy psychic

Etsy Spiritual Mediums / Psychics

A group of people who are interested in spiritual development.

The Psychic Dream Team

Top Psychics, Healers, Jewelry Crafters and the Esoterically Interested join with interested members of the community to share wisdom

Etsy's Psychics and Tarot Readers

A team of Psychics and Tarot card readers on Etsy!

Psychic, Astrology, Tarot Readings On Etsy

A Professional Team Of Psychics, Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, Numerologists, Energy Healers, Empaths, & Metaphysical Spiritual Advisors

Witches & Psychics who used to be on eBay

Psychics Spell Casters Potion Makers who once were successful known and loved in our past lives on eBay regroup here to be found here.


This is a group for those interested in Palmistry. For all Levels, from those just interested to the Professional Palmist. :)

Diviners United

Calling all diviners! No matter if it's tarot, oracle, runes, or any of the other various and equally intriguing methods of divination~

I Love Spells

This is dedicated to everyone that likes Spells,Rituals,Black Magic,Wicca,Voodoo,White Magic,Palo,Santeria,spirits,as­trology,psychics,occult