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leslie walker

i am a designer a writer and a poet

Team Zine

A team for zine makers and zine lovers.

Writers Underground

A group for poets, fiction writers, visual poets & artist's book makers WHO SELL SOME OF THOSE ITEMS IN THEIR ETSY SHOP.

Quantum Art

Upcycled art, fine art, art-craft, spirituality, desktop publishing, welcome!

The Seedbed Blog

Seedbed sows the whole gospel into the whole world by uniting voices around a shared vision and publishing resources.

Creative writers

Are you a creative writer? Join this club!

Just Felt This Way

I team of people who are enchanted by wool, who creates art that keeps you warm.

Mississippi Creative Economy

Dedicated to showcasing Mississippi Made goods and products from a variety of creative fields. Providing a one-stop ecommerce platform.

Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit is an enlightening and empowering group created on Etsy for people all over the world to learn more about healthy living...