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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Team SpreadTheLove is for: (1) SpreadtheLove BNS participants, & (2) Anyone else who wants to SUPPORT, PROMOTE, & have FUN! :)

Irihana BNR Team

For anyone who wants to know when Irihana's BNRs are happening!

The Dream Team

People who love the Dream Team, BNRs, BNSs, giveaways, raffle's, guessing games, and MORE!

Team Piper

Fundraiser for Piper, 5 mos old sweet baby girl recently diagnosed with a rare cancer.


If you design any French or Parisian items join us

LHS Loves

LHS Loves is a team that celebrates wonderful Etsy shops that have given their support to LHS.

Crafty SAHM's

Hard working Moms at home to help support Family!

PDX Etsy for Charity

Handmade Goods Needed in the Portland, OR Area

Bellas Buyers Guide

We are a group focused on The BUYERS! Here is a guide for where you can get the items you are looking for!