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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Bloggers And Readers

This team is for everybody who loves to write or read blogs- or both! Let's support and promote our blogs together :)

Etsy Tarot Readers Guild

For those of us who love to divine!

Christian Authors and Readers on Etsy

Christian authors and readers who are looking for original Christian books

Rune Readers and Enthusiasts of Etsy

This Team is dedicated to those who do rune readings here on Etsy, sell rune sets, or are looking for rune readings.

Etsy's Psychics and Tarot Readers

A team of Psychics and Tarot card readers on Etsy!

Tarot Guild

A team of cross promoting Etsy shop keepers who are also members of the Tarot Guild.

Bibliophile Treasuries

Celebrating treasuries based on books we've read!

Divination Tool Artisans

A home for makers (and users) of divination tools!

Foraging For Fab

Fabulous Original, Hand-Made, Unique, and Artsy Finds on Etsy!

Brujas on Etsy

Every little thing We do....IS Magick.