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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Craft Entrepreneurship Austin, TX April 2015

This team is for Craft Entrepreneurship students in the April 2015 cohort at Recycled Reads in Austin, TX.


Upcycled Materials for the Indie Fashion, Art and Craft Communities in Florida

Upcycled on Etsy

Promotion & Networking for Artists that Upcycle on Etsy


Create beautiful treasuries. Especially using unique, earthy, eco-friendly and recycled items.

please add here any one item u would like to sell today

old or new recycled revamped items made from vintage would be extra nice

animal ethical

no animal testing, cruelty free, ethical sourced, animal lovers, green, recycle, no real fur pelts, no taxidermy

Creatively Inspired in FFC

For all the recycled, crafty, handmade, vintage & quirky designs of Freedom Fellowship Church ladies!

Upcycle UK

A team for UK-based crafters, who make upcycled, recycled, re-purposed, green, & earth-friendly creations - eco art of any kind!.

Natural pagans

Dedicated to Uniquely Crafted, Natural Items!

Moderne Antiquarian Testing Works

Artists who make innovative work using traditional materials. The pieces need to push materials in new ways according to form and function.