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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Eco Ohio

Eco crafters from Ohio

Pop tab upcycled jewelry

You are welcome to be part of this team if you create pop tab upcycled jewelry

Ethical Crafting Resources

Crafters who try to craft in good conscience.

Beauty For Ashes

This is more than a hobby. More than a business. It's a way of living, sharing, being.


Natural Gnomey things for the whole family

Etsy Eco-Tips

We share earth friendly tips within our product listings to inspire shoppers to go green!


For sellers or buyers of ANYTHING repurposed!!

Denim Lovers Unite

Love vintage denim? Join the club!!! Promote, share, shop, or discuss vintage Levis, upcycled, recycled, and more!

Foragers Fare

Forage, Find, and Share at the Foragers Fare