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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Charleston Recycled Art Guild

Recycled Art from Charleston South Carolina area artists including clothing sculpture home decor furniture etc.

Recycled Artists

Artists creating "green goods" from junk, vintage and other items that are saved from landfills.

Recycled Crafts: Crafters & Lovers

Come here to meet and collaborate with others who make crafts, such as signs, jewelry, artwork, etc. out of recycled goods and old materials

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Up-cycle!

This team will promote sellers that reduce, reuse and recycle and up-cycle items into lovely art and/or useable items.

Repurposed and Recycled Artists in Minnesota

Do you recycle as a part of your art. Is being green an important part of your every day life. Please join the group


A determination to be eco-friendly, reuse and recycle! Have you felt it?

Quantum Art

Upcycled art, fine art, art-craft, spirituality, desktop publishing, welcome!

Art for the Environment

Beauty to save trees. We care and donate to earth.

Craft Beer Art and Accessories

This is a team for those of us who buy and sell craft beer related items.

Enchanting Eco

Upcycle, recycle, anything repurposed...and beautiful!