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for recyclers of all sorts!

Recycled Fashion

This is a team that takes old material and recycles it into something completely original.

Recycled Crafts: Crafters & Lovers

Come here to meet and collaborate with others who make crafts, such as signs, jewelry, artwork, etc. out of recycled goods and old materials

Upcyclers Share inspirations

Share an upcycled item you created


Here, Etsy members can trade or donate unwanted items and post requests for "trash" they want to repurpose into treasure.


Upcycled Materials for the Indie Fashion, Art and Craft Communities in Florida

Moderne Antiquarian Testing Works

Artists who make innovative work using traditional materials. The pieces need to push materials in new ways according to form and function.

reMAKEable etsy team

Southwestern Ontario artists turning recycled + vintage materials into one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone!


A determination to be eco-friendly, reuse and recycle! Have you felt it?