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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Love Ladybugs

I love everything ladybugs!

We love color! Painting

A group for artist who work in colorful, vivid and bright tones.

Annual VACTERL Benefit

This team is designed for those interested in participating in the annual VACTERL Fundraiser Run as a vendor.

Colorado Community

Local Colorado Sellers Are Welcome for Promotion


This team is for anyone selling beach or sea glass related items. Join the team and post your promotions here to members!

Makers Gonna Make

Makers from the Midwest! We just can't stop making!

Non-electric sewing machines!

Uses of treadle or hand-crank sewing machines unite to discuss trials and tribulations of using these beautiful antiques

Shreveport/Bossier City (LA) Etsy Team

This is a team that concentrates on the artists located in and around a 50 mile radius from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Team Workwear

For people who like rugged items with beauty