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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Up-cycle!

This team will promote sellers that reduce, reuse and recycle and up-cycle items into lovely art and/or useable items.


We help to promote your work through and to increase your exposure and sales.

Eco Etsy

A global team of eco-minded Etsy sellers, sharing our passion to conduct businesses in eco-friendly manner.

Before the Bin

for the items don't want to seem to sell

Zeleny Arts and Crafts Fair

Eco-indie fair in KC & Springfield, MO and Columbus, KS. All who upcycle, re-use, reduce, re-invent are welcome to support, attend & apply!


Global collective focused on refashioned clothing.


A group of women that chat daily about the environment and their lives.

Etsy One of a Kind Trades and Barters

This is a team for shops that sell the unique- and enjoy trading and bartering with others for the same.

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