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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Stress Relief

This is a team for people who make things to help relieve someones stress.

Etsians For Disaster Relief

Helping the world a little at a time

Sandy Hook Shooting Relief

Join the "Crafting 4 Cause: Sandy Hook Shooting Relief" team and make a difference for those affected by the Newtown shooting

Japan Relief Team

A team dedicated to using part of their profits in order to aid the Japanese.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Team

A team for shop owners who want to donate a portion of their profits to aid in the relief efforts after super storm Sandy.

Donation for Ethiopian Orphan Relief

I am searching for anyone who would be willing to donate an item(s) for a charity event I am planning for Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR).

Aloha Hawaii Tsunami Relief Team

Artists interested in supporting Hawaii Tsunami Relief


This team is created to organize & connect Etsy shop owners & artists with RebuildRecover in order to help raise funds for disaster relief.

Artist Aid

Artists Pledging Aid to the Crisis in Japan.